I took a 2 hour final this morning and in a little bit I will leave for my trois heures cet après-midi. I am stuck in this strange world between français et anglais.

J'ai lu un artcle énorme sur la traduction de la littérature, et la ce qui est perdu et gagné par la traduction des textes dans d'autres langues.


No more french for a while.

I have been preoccupied with clothing lately. Like more than usual.

Looking at pictures from the met costume institute gala since I got home from my test. Fucking Amber Rose.

Also, I think I saw Zaras interpretation of those Ann Demeulemeester ss/09 lace-ups. It was part of their new ad campaign. I shouldn't even be thinking about the interpretation. I really want the real thing. Just forget about them all together. But Jesus. I haven't seen them in person yet. France doesn't have Barny's. Damn. Those Ds are my dream shoes. Gawd.

I read this and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Might be one of those cases where it's just better to get your hands on the real thing? I've been disappointed with collaborations in recent history.

I was NOT disappointed with Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo. I'm just not a boy.


I made it across the finish line. Went all the way from red to bronze.

I hate that I was forced in to getting a facebook. I hate it. I hate facebook. When did facebook take over the world? Why can't people just give me their addresses? And, how is Steve Aoki still a working DJ? Does anyone still care about that?

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