A bientot.

I leave Nice for paris in three hours.

Fucking time is going fast now.

Seattle in less than a week.

I learned to skip rocks tonight.

I just realized that I won't have a cell phone when I get home and I got kind of excited. I think I might make my parents install an extra line on the land line. You know, like the ones that the cool girls had in middle school. Before beepers and cell phones.

I want a fucking beeper. Please.


I almost forgot.

You have to pay for public toilets here. And there are attendants who have to sit in public bathrooms all fucking day and take 50 cents from every asshole who uses the WC. Today I saw a bathroom attendant with a bleached rat tail chase a homeless man out of a bathroom for not paying. All I could think of was 'it takes a special kind of person to do this work.'

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