Thing I love vs. Thing I hate

Thing I love: Secrets.

This might be hard to explain. But I guess in the end the only person who really needs to know what I'm talking about is me. Alright. There are no front yards here. That is a lie. Yards exist. But the vast majority of houses in Nantes, and in most cities are not single family houses. I am talking about areas in the more dense part of the city. There are single family houses near my dorm, but we're not near any hustle. More near downtown the houses start to disappear and apartments are more commonplace. BUT. They aren't all apartments. It's a secret kind of. Some of the places that look like apartments are actually houses. And some of these houses have amazing gardens. Sometimes when you walk past their windows you can see clear through the back. I've seen a few. I've also been in one such house. Anyway. The reason I like it is because from the street there isn't much difference between a particular house and the one next to it. It's almost the opposite of the way houses are presented in Seattle. We really build up the exterior so when you go in to a house you totally know what you're in for. Even before you walk through the front door.

Let me add...I can say that for 80% of houses I see here my rule of 'secrets' is true. There are exceptions to this rule. Exceptions include the hierarchy of window boxes and door knockers.

Thing I hate: Sunscreen.

A bottle of sunscreen is 14 fucking euros. That is like $20. Sun protection isn't cheap. And with that said. Here is a picture of my burn. I am an irresponsible girl who is not immune to UV rays. It looks worse in real life.

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