This hostel I stayed at in Marseille was beyond words. It was so fucking confusing.
There was no reception. So when Anna and I checked in we just talked to this guy sitting on a couch in what seemed like his living room. He was smoking Marlboro reds inside, and didn't stop the entire time we were there.

He also have us tips on how to make 'space cake'
Walked us through the finer points of Philippino love making
Invited us to a fucking BBQ rave. He was insistent we go. It started at noon somewhere near the alps and ended at one in the morning.

I don't know. This hostel was such a mind fuck. There were secret rooms. Common areas in the garageloudsexatnighttwopeopletoabedmojitopartythelastnightweweretherekissesonthelips. The list goes on.

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