A few things.

My time in France is coming to a close. I am freaking out. In three weeks I won't be here anymore. I have planted roots in this city. Fucking roots.

I sent an email to a friend a while ago and I told her how strange it was. One day I was walking around and it hit me. I was totally acclimated.

I thought for a long time about all of the things I've become kind of immune to, things that are different. I guess it's not fair to say 'different' because that kind of carries a negative connotation. Here are a few...

The smoking thing is exactly what you imagine. I bet 75% of people in their 20s have a pack if cigarettes with them right now.

NO TIPPING IN RESTAURANTS OR BARS. This took a while for me to get used to. But they kind of consider it an insult? Plus, there is an extra tax in restaurants just for gratuity.

Magazine culture is huge. Everyone loves magazines. Yesterday i saw italian BABY vogue (Vogue Bambino) in a presse. And by the way, presses are like 711. Not high brow.

Drinking/eating outside. Almost every restaurant/bar you come across has an indoor or outdoor seating option.

Kronnenberg is the bud light of France. This shit is like 5 euros for a 12 pack. It will be hard to drink it without laughing when I get home.

The women are so thin. There really isn't much more to add. They're like twigs.

Discotheques. Guiltiest pleasure. There is something amazing about dancing to the soundtrack to Grease all night, and watching the sun rise on the way home.

Malls exist, and are crazy popular. I had to go to an ikea (yeah. i know) in a mall that had a huuuuuuuge fountain with palm trees in the center.

That's all for now. More later.

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