I went to my first sporting event in ten years tonight.
It was amazing.
I drank "Amstel Free."

...we lost


She breaks.

The hard drive on my computer was erased, and I have been left with the task of re-building my music and photo library.

It's been an excellent exercise in editing.

I'm listening to 'Just like a woman' for the first time in months.

mon dieu...



I cannot receive text messages from my step dad anymore. Doesn't mean the blog is dead. But, the content will be adjusted...

I have been in France for just over two months. Today is exactly my two month anniversary living in Nantes.

I think about my friends every day. I miss them. I miss feeling like the people around me really know who I am. I know wonderful people here, but it's different.

I didn't think I would miss the city as much as I do. I've never been gone from Seattle for this long in my entire life.

Two months down. Six to go.