I'm pretty much living the dream. Imagine is San Fransisco was more tropical. That is what this city looks like. I keep almost shitting my pants.


Got a great email from my step dad today. The best one in ages. I should warn you. He loves early 90s rap. Like no one you've ever met...

RE: Party Dogg‏
From: xxxx xxxxx (
Sent: Mon 5/18/09 6:57 AM
To: 'caitlin schooley' (

Went to Hazelwood last night and I don’t even Know where to begin but they played Biggie Smalls! Condo paid for, no car payment, something something at my arraignment…….

look at the subject line. He replied to his OWN email. Such an aaaaanimal.

remind me to tell you about the vibe at this hostel. I've been trying to use 'vibe' and 'mind fuck' in my vocabulary more often.

all of the guys look like they want to talk about what god means to them in a real douch-ey way.

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