Wouldn't it be nice.

I will admit it.
I used to have a serious aversion towards the Beach Boys.
Until now. Something just happened and I can't seem get enough.
In my defense, it was because I never gave their music a close listen for two reasons. 1) My mom listens exclusively to funk and soul music. It was what I was raised on. I never heard The Beatles, Leonard Cohen or Simon and Garfunkel before I was 18 or 19 because they were all "whiners." 2) They might be, collectively, the ugliest band in history.

It kind of happened that way with Bob Dylan too. Except he didn't look like a pussy. I've always though he looked pretty much like perfect.

(I would like to note that I am not complaining about being raised on soul music. I'm glad it happened. I challenge anyone to sing 'Boogie Shoes' better than me)

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