Something happened.

There is this German girl in my classes. She seems nice enough, and speaks french very well. But she is always late, and her hair is always wet. I don't know why this is important to mention, but it is.

Two days ago she came to class and did something I hate. She sat right next to me, when there were clearly other seats open. You know, like when you're on the bus and the whole bench part is free, but someone sits next to you in a seat? It just made me feel invaded.

But the best part is, she looked at me and said "so, what's going on? what are we doing?" My point being here, that she isn't German. She is American. The whole time we've had class together I just assumed that she was German because she has rosy round cheeks.

My other point is that, maybe she sat next to me because there is some unspoken rule that all Americans should be buddies? Or maybe it was because I was sitting close to the door. Who knows.

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