Thing I love vs. Thing I hate

Thing I love: Grocery Stores.
I love going to the store in France. The grocery stores are so well equipped. They don't just have a 'bread aisle' they have huge amazing bakeries in the back. And they don't just have a seafood section they have an entire fucking fish market. One of my favorite features of the French grocery store is the pudding section. Just a large portion of a grocery store devoted to pudding and mousse. I don't eat pudding, or fish, or cheese but I can still appreciate their presence. I must also clarify that I'm talking about the big grocery stores here, not just the little markets. But, I love the little markets too.

Thing I hate: Restaurants.
I hate them. I have such anxiety about eating at restaurants. I always feel like they're going to goop some mayonnaise on something, or crack an egg on something. I avoid restaurants at all costs. I must say though, this hate is probably very specific to me and my vegetarianism. I just do not get the joy from dining out like I do at home. I don't feel safe, and I rarely walk away satisfied.

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