Tomorrow I will go to Emmaus. The store that is quite possibly a million miles away, and continues to haunt my dreams.

I also get to pick up my package at the post tomorrow, 9am sharp. They give you appointments to pick up your packages here. I thought it was bullshit, and tried to go today but the woman said nope. My mom sent a package to me for my birthday/valentines day. She told me to throw away the peanut butter she included because of all of the salmonella outbreaks. Yeah right. As if I'm going to throw away an entire jar of peanut butter.

That makes me think about dumpster diving. Like, If I saw an unopened jar of peanut butter sticking out of a dumpster, I would be all over it. When I was in Paris over new years I walked past a dumpster literally overflowing with soy yogur...cartons of it, not like glooping all over the place. But I couldn't take any because it was the middle of the day! And, all of the yogurt I saw was prune flavored. I bet if I had a chance to roll my sleeves up and dig, I'd be able to find some blueberry. But that kind of activity is reserved for when it gets dark, I'm not a very gutsy scavenger.

I've attempted dumpster diving a couple of times in Nantes, but a lot of the garbage cans are kept inside, or locked behind gates. I also have a hard time convincing people to do it with me. They don't get it, you know, everyone thinks it's gross. I also know from experience that it isn't smart to go dumpster diving by yourself. So, I haven't done it. Maybe I will start soon. Who knows. I want some garbage treasure.

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