Thing I love vs. Thing I hate

Thing I love: Walking.
Nantes is not a big city. I bet it is 1/3 the size of Seattle? Maybe smaller? There is sprawl, but it really doesn't amount to much. The thing is, it's such a hassle to drive. None of the streets line up. There is no grid. There are all of these damn roundabouts everywhere. The traffic can be absolutely horrible around 6 o'clock...It can take 30 minutes to get downtown sometimes (should take 10, maybe less). It is much faster to walk than to do anything else. I love it. The city is flat and surrounded by water.

I always talk about how much I miss the density of a big city. But I just remembered how ugly Aurora is.

Thing I hate: Feeling stupid.
I feel like I am constantly questioning my intelligence because expressing myself can still be hard. Right now in my classes we're talking about the idea of death in cultures across the world. Last week was especially hard for me because I did't feel like I had the ability to make the type of contributions to discussions I would have liked. I kept feeling like, if our discussions were in English they would have been completely different. More enlightening? I still feel like I speak quite literally and that is frustrating. For me, it doesn't feel so much like a question of ability to speak the language. It's hard to explain.

Maybe I should have just said "I hate those gypsy pants." Because I do. I seriously hate those fucking hippie gypsy pants.

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