I didn't realize until I was in the car half way to Spain that I was with three people who aren't too keen on planning. If there is one thing I have fucking learned traveling around Europe it's that planning is key. SERIOUSLY! We showed up at 10:30 in San Sebastian with no place to stay. Thank god I had written down the names and addresses of a few "backup" hostels and we got lucky.

The next day wasn't as easy, but it was equally as lucky.

There were no beds in any hostels in San Sebastian. We looked forever. We also slept on the beach for three hours. I was the only asshole in all black. The Uniform doesn't exist in Spain. Somehow we got in contact with a guy who we knew in Nantes. He is Spanish and lives in San Sebastian now. Anyway, this guy let us stay in his parents empty apartment. This place was right out of 1975. Swear to god. Everything was mirrored. And in the master bedroom there was one of those forest murals behind the headboard of the bed. You know what I'm talking about. They are getting more popular these days (much to my dismay...I prefer white walls). I wouldn't usually like something like this. But it was fucking original. The paper was all yellowed. GOD. I could have stayed there forever.

The next morning we left hung over and sun burnt. I still had sand between my toes from swimming in my underwear the night before. I think I managed to scare the hell out of our Spanish host when I ran in to the ocean. Crazy American girl.

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