Swine Flu.

I sent my mother an email letting her know that I am sick as fuck. She replied with...


Did you get any pictures at Annik's?
How sick are you?
Have you heard of the flu epidemic?
You were just in Spain and should be seen.
Please call you campus Doctor and write me back. Please. Or I will worry myself sick. Please.
Love you

I love my mom and am glad that she still cares enough to worry about me. But I take issue with a few things in this email.

1. Is the epidemic she referring to the Swine Flu? Alright. I am vegetarian, did she forget? I know it's easy to forget sometimes even though it's been like 16 years. My grandma still forgets I don't eat chicken all the time. And aren't outbreaks are pretty much confined to North America and Mexico? I can't imagine that much of the pork in Europe comes from another continent.

2. What does she think Spain is some sort of third world country where there is raw shit in the drinking water? How does the fact that I just visited Spain have anything to do with my illness?

3. The whole "I'll worry myself sick" but got old like 7 years ago.

4. I love my mom. Just had to put that out there. She is sweet for worrying about me.

**update. I just searched "Flu Epidemic Spain" and this came up. Sorry mom.

The festival went well today. Not so much of a 'malade imaginaire' more like a 'vraiment malade' didn't have to search deep in to my core for that one.

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