French Radio.

Since we were in the car for something like 60 hours I listened to a lot of radio.

We ended up sticking with "Virgin Radio" which seemed like one of those top 100 stations. But the thing that surprised me was the diversity of music they played, while still managing to play the same 7 songs over and over again. They would play this fucking song by James Morrison 15 times an hour, but in between they threw in the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Shangri-las and this weekend they are doing a tribute to Curt Cobain (a week late).

I have to change the subject. Why the fuck are people still doing tributes to celebrities who killed themselves? It is a horrible fucking idea and it is sending the wrong fucking message to individuals who are considering suicide. I remember listening to the radio on the anniversary of Ian Curtis' death and hearing the DJ say "...this isn't to glorify the way he died blahlbah..." then why fucking do it? I think doing a tribute on a birthday would be more appropriate.

That also reminds me that when I was in the Guggenheim there was this great film installation called "3 dopplegangers." It was a series of huge rooms, one right after the other (you walked through a dark hall). In each room, projected on a screen was a different musician performing. One was Michael Jackson, one was Kurt Cobain, and the last was Ian Curtis. The footage was slowed way down, and each clip of performance was filmed differently. It is hard to describe, but the film was being projected in a way that you couldn't necessarly tell who the musician was by looking at them. You recgonized the movements. It was great. One of the highlights.


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