A few years ago I was really in to drinking floral water. A friend of mine at the time told me that if you drink rose water enough you will eventually start sweating it out. Basically, smell like a flower from the inside out.

We would drink viles of rose water or splash orange blossom water in glasses of champagne. It's completely edible and actually doesn't have much of a taste. And yes, my "friend" was Marie Antoinette. Just kidding. But seriously, kind of.

I want to get back in to it. The water is really inexpensive if you buy it in bulk online and I like the idea of indulging a little.

I also want to find more ways to eat roses.


Miss B. said...

This is a great post, how could you have no comments on it? I too want to sweat and smell like a flower, go figure?

Happy New Year!

caitlin said...

Thanks! Happy New Year!