To resolve.

My mom told me today that 30% of people make New Years resolutions, and of that 30%...60% of people actually keep their resolutions.

I have no intention of making, or following through with a New Years Resolution but I like the idea of trying to make positive changes. I think I want to just make some attitude adjustments in the 2011. Mostly act like less of a baby and make more efforts to spend time with people. Maybe cry less? Definitely get the jealousy under control.

I just think it's kind of fucked that most people need a holiday to motivate themselves to lose 100 pounds, read a goddamn book, be nicer, or pay off debts. Most people are lazy. I'm no exception.

Joe Dassin was actually born in New York, and was raised mostly in the United States. Bet you didn't know that.

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