Oh darling.

I have a very dear friend who is great at talking me in to watching shit movies.

Last night we saw Orphan.
I went for two reasons.

1. Movie theaters are air conditioned.

2. We decided to sneak alcohol in to the theater.


I totally called the ending. Fucking remember that when you see the movie.


I remembered today that I'm back in the US and I can watch shit on Hulu again. I've been sitting in my basement watching Ghost Hunters all afternoon.

They're looking for the ghost of an alchemist in Bohemia (it's actually Ghost Hunters International fuckerrrrr).

Just look at these guys. How can I walk away from it?

I have a strange crush on Dave Tango who is a Ghost Investigator/Evidence Analyst (not pictured). He is the spitting image of my second grade boyfriend. History.

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