Pictures from my week east of the Cascades are coming soon.


Go West.

Ok. So the last picture isn't from "Go West."
But how could I not?
Oh Buster.


Not Diane.

I just heard the most amazing radio program about his film, "Go West."
(Pictured above)
How amazing is his outfit?
1/2 cowboy 1/2 mime.



It always sucks when you have a crush on someone only to find out that they're deeply religious.



I would gladly take anything from Yigal Azrouël's fall 2009 collection.
But this is my favorite. My fucking faaaaaavorite.


The style evolution of Diana Ross deserves a close look.


Definitely worth your time.


Are there still World's Fairs?
I just learned about the 1909 held in Seattle.
The site of the fair is now the University of Washington campus.

Funny side note...apparently each World's Fair ticket had a number printed on it. Every guest of the fair received a gift that corresponded with the number on their ticket. It was kind of like a raffle. They gifted all sorts of things from post cards to loaves of bread.

One year they tried giving away a baby.




La première laisse de la Chanson de Roland doit agir en tant que fondement pour le reste du poème. La première laisse est très présente plusieurs éléments importants. Une chose que la première laisse accomplit particulièrement bien crée un sentiment d'unité. L'unité n'est pas juste de créer le langage figuré, mais littéralement avec les mots clés....
Still needs some editing.

Charlemagne is #1 celebrity crush of all time.
Dreamy motherfucker.



In desperate need of suede leggings.
Fur collars.
Thick leather shoe laces.

Blind Date Birthday.

I tried posting a photo of the opening credits to his film "Muriel" the other day.
Just read this morning that Alan Rensais is releazing a new film called "Les Herbes Folles".
The trailers are pretty great.

Won't let me embed.


Sexy Pumpkin.

Last night...

I pocket dialed almost everyone in my phone. Including Step-Dad.
The vegetable guy called (I retract my 'fuck you')
I dressed as Courtney
I drank too much.

Maybe TMI, but I've already puked four times since I woke up.
I hate my life right this second.
I'll probably feel differently tomorrow.